Business Models

Nagode Industries Ltd offers comprehensive technical services available locally and internationally.

We offer a full range of creative services such as:

  • Vendor Management Inventory
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Forward buying
  • End-to-end logistics
  • International import as indenting agents
  • Spot sales from ready inventory

Our supplier base of over 400 major global suppliers which brings the best quality, competitively priced international products to the region.



With this business model, we offer the following to the customers:

  1. Being associated with the major global suppliers, we bring the best quality and competitively priced international products to the region.
  2. This model is good for the customers who have sound financial backing and  who have L/C  facilities and ready to open import license  e. form M. We are empowered to act as indenter with terms of the sale established by the producer.
  3. We monitor and manage the entire import process on behalf of the customers based on the pro-forma invoice from the producer and communicate real time with the customer on the status of the cargo.
  4. In case of delay in arrival of indent cargo  we – being involved in local stock and sales operation – offer temporary  raw material  stock  to the customers for  its production  resulting into  continuity of  factory operation .
  5. The customer pays money in international acceptable currency e.g. Dollar, Euro, Pounds.

Spot deal

This model is the best suited for customers who do not want to import directly, even when they have import facility but want to use its facility for core business activities.

The spot deal offers the following advantage:

  1. Being volume importers from the best supply chain, we the quantity, quality as well the competitive prices to our clients.
  2. Customers are always assured of 100% stock availability of quality material, in our warehouses located across Nigeria.
  3. We offer services to our customers through our dedicated and strong technical team with a base close to the customer production facilities.
  4. We also partner with customer business by offering short term finance.
  5. The customer buys on spot basis after comparison of prices from the other suppliers.


Forward Deal

Nagode offers forward deal proposal to its clients across the industry segments and ensures the following advantages:

  1. Hold funds in escrow for future transactions; this means that no cash or asset in exchanged until the delivery date of the goods.
  2. The terms of the deal can be customized to fit the needs of the customers.
  3. The customer does not have to lock its own finance and can use its own funds for its core activities and increase its better asset utilization.
  4. Nagode monitors and manages the entire import process based on the forward contract.
  5. Nagode finances all processes involved in the importation of goods from the suppliers to the final delivery at the customer warehouse plus it also offers credit facility for specific period after the delivery.



This model best suits companies who prefer third party inventory management in order to focus on core activities. On this, we offer the following benefits:

  1. Finance all processes involved in the importation of goods from the suppliers to the final delivery at the customer warehouse.
  2. The customer would not need to use own forex for importing products into Nigeria nor have to use own Naira payment for financing.
  3. The material is kept in the customer warehouse (VMI) or Nagode warehouse (JIT) so that it ensure 100 % availability of stock and ensure uninterrupted supply of material for its production.
  4. The Nagode offer credit facilities.
  5. The customer pays as and when its uses the material for its production.
  6. Handling of Insurance Claims


End-to-end logistics

In this business model, we:

  1. Monitor and manage the entire import process on behalf of our client based on the pro-forma invoice from the supplier.
  2. Monitor the availability of cargo with supplier and book departing vessel in advance.
  3. Offer insurance, transportation and coordination of the inspection of the consignment with agencies.
  4. Handle of insurance and claims with the insurers.
  5. Finance all processes involved in the importation of goods from the supplier to the final delivery at the warehouse.
  6. Finance  customs duties , to avoid  any delay in the clearing/pre-clearing of the cargo at the port

These help our clients to focus resources on their core activities, by lowering cost and increasing their asset utilization as we handle their logistical requirement.