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Methylene Chloride

This is low boiling point  liquids  used  in  foam  formulation  to assist in attaining  densities  and  softness  not  obtainable  with  the  conventional  water – Isocyanate  blow  chemistry. They function  by  absorbing  heat  from  the  exothermic  reaction of the foam formation,  vaporizing  and  providing  additional  gases  useful in expanding  the  foam to  a  lower  density.

Methylene Chloride acts as an auxiliary blowing agent complementing the blowing effect of carbon Di oxide generated from the water/TDI reaction. It also acts as a  heat  sink which  implies  that  higher  total  catalyst  package  levels  are  generally  needed  to  maintain  adequate  cure  for  the  foam.

The following grades are available;

    Samsung grade – 250kg
    ICI brand – 265kg