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Catalysts are those chemicals that are used to establish a balance between the polymerisation reaction and the gas formation reaction in polyurethane formation. They also ensure completeness of reaction or cure in the produced foam.

Catalysts used in the commercial production of polyurethane foams are the Amines and the Organometallic compounds. The amines control the rate of reaction of the blow or gas formation reaction whereas the Organometallic compound controls the rate of polymerisation reaction.  

In  the  manufacture  of  flexible  polyurethane  foam,  tertiary  amines  are  predominant.  Of  all the  amines,  Di  Methyl  Ethanol  Amine  ( D.M.E.A)  is  the  most  commonly  used.  It  has  been  noticed  that  though  amine  primarily  helps  gas  formation  reaction,  it  promotes  just  to an  extent,  the  gelling  reaction.  In  most  cases,  combination  of  various  amines,  results  in  a  balance of  both  gelling  and  blowing  reactions  which  also  promotes  easy  process  control. Amines are low viscous liquids with an unpleasant choky smell.  They are harmful when inhaled and corrosive as well.

Of   the  many  grades  of  Organo - Metallic  compounds in  use  as  catalysts,  tin  compounds  are  the  most  widely  used  with  Stannous Octoate  being  the  most  popular. If  the  stannous  content  drops  below  91%,  it  becomes  valueless as  a catalyst.  For this reason, it is  usually stabilized  with  anti  oxidants.  The  exposure  of  stannous  Octoate  to  atmospheric  oxygen  is  disadvantageous  and  should  be  discouraged  since  the  compound  is  easily  hydrolyzed  and  oxidized.  Similarly,  because  Stannous  Octoate  is  also  readily  hydrolyzed  in  the  presence  of  strong  bases  like  tertiary  amines  and  water,  they  are  not  blended  with  water  or  amine  containing  compounds.  Generally,  stannous  Octoate  is  referred  to  as  a  cross  linking  agent  because  of  its  influence  on  the  cohesion  and  hardness  of  a  foam.

The following grades of catalyst are available in our warehouse.
Stannous Octoate:

  • T-9 
  • Niax Stannous Octoate


  • Niax SA – 200
  • Niax DMEA
  • Niax B – 18
  • Niax B – 15