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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide, also known as Titanium (IV) oxide or Titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It has its chemical formula as TiO2. When used as a pigment, it is called titanium white, Pigment White 6, or CI 77891. It has a wide range of applications, from paint to sunscreen to food colouring. When used as a food colouring, it has E number E171. 

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), remains the most widely used white pigment because of its brightness and very high refractive index (n=2.7).  It is also an effective pacifier in powder form, where it is employed as a pigment to provide whiteness and opacity to products such as paints, coatings papers, plastics and inks. Opacity is improved by optimal sizing of the Titanium Dioxide particles. Titanium Oxide can be used as a sunscreen, UV absorber and a photo catalyst in cosmetics and other outdoor coatings.

We market the best grades of Titanium Dioxide for optimal results in the paint industries in Nigeria. 

The following grades of pigments are available.

  • TI – PURE R902+(Titanium white 25kg per bag)
  • KRONOS 2190 (Titanium White 25kg per bag)
  • R206
  • R202