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Pigments are granular solids incorporated into the paint formulation to contribute colour, toughness and texture. Unlike dyes, pigments do not dissolve in solvents. They are applied as fine solid particles mixed with a liquid. Pigments can be classified as either organic or inorganic based on the chemical composition. 

Organic pigments are those who have carbon (C=) in the molecular structure and they are gotten from plants, animals or synthesized from aromatic hydrocarbons. Organic pigments made from plants and animals include, Chlorophyll, carotene, rhodopsin and melanin pigments while those synthesized from hydrocarbons include Nitrogen containing Azo pigments (red, orange, yellow) and copper phthalocyanines (brillinant strong blues and greens).

Inorganic pigments are usually brighter and long lasting. They are formed by the chemical reaction of some compounds and elements. This includes the following.

  • Iron Oxides which gives browns ranging from yellowish through orange to dark brown.
  • Chromiums which yield chrome yellows, oranges and greens
  • Cadmium compound pigments which yields brilliant yellows oranges and reds
  • Perussian blues and ultramarines.

We are reckoned as one of the prominent pigment suppliers in Nigeria. Our pigments are widely demanded in the market as it serves as an effective raw material for producing variety of paint products.
The following pigments are available in our warehouse.

  • Red oxide – Nubiola – R2512 (25kg/bag)
  • Red Oxide – Nubiola – R2530 (25kg/bag)
  • Yellow Oxide – Nubifer Y- 2022 (25kg/bag)
  • Yellow Oxide Nubifer CP R – 2022 (25kg/bag) and
  • Aluminium Silicate (Titanium Spacer)

In line with the current trend in the world to phase out the use of lead in pigment manufacture, we offer mostly lead free pigments. Pigments also come as pastes which are concentrated dispersion of selected pigments in an unsaturated polyester grinding resins. Pigment pastes find uses in many industries like the gel coat and flow coats. We supply different colour shades of pigment pastes.