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These are materials used in paint production that are capable of bonding together all the particles of pigment that are either coated or suspended in a liquid when the paint is exposed to air. Binders impart adhesion, bind the pigments together and strongly influence such properties as gloss potential, exterior durability and toughness. 

The most common binders in paint manufacture remain Styrene Acrylics. They come either as an emulsion or as a copolymer. Styrene acrylics have good film forming and binding properties with excellent resistance towards alkali and water. Styrene acrylics find their applications in both interior and exterior paints with good washability. Styrene acrylics are also used in the manufacture of floor tiles, building adhesives, roof – coatings and some sealants. 

The following binders are available in our warehouse;
• Macryl CP – 50 (A styrene acrylic binder of packaging 200kg/drum)
• Macryl CP – 50 (A styrene acrylic binder of packaging 200kg/drum)N/P – 883 Batch A
• Alkyd resins ( Will soon be available)
• Epoxy Resins ( Will soon be available) and
• Polyamide Resins ( Will soon be available)