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Liquid Glucose

Liquid glucose more commonly known as “glucose syrup’’ is a purified concentrated acqueous solution of a mixture of saccharides (sugar) obtained from starch. It has moderately sweet flavour and is a starch sugar product that is widely used in food industry. Liquid glucose has a high viscosity, humidity, sweetness and pervasion. It also has such advantages as anti-crystalline and a lower freezing point.

Glucose Syrup gives better texture and flavour to confectionery by preventing sugar crystallization.
In ice cream, it controls the freezing process, giving uniform texture and in jams and jellies it contributes to the textures, mouth-feel and shell life.
In baking, glucose syrup helps to retain moisture, produces an attractive crust colour in bread and is important in colouring of dark fruit cakes. Glucose syrup is also an important ingredient for energy drinks and has many other uses in food and pharmaceutical industries.