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A surfactant is a chemical that stabilizes mixtures of oil and water by reducing the surface tension at the interface between the oil and water molecules.

Because water and oil do not dissolve in each other a surfactant has to be added to the mixture to keep it from separating into layers. Surfactants are usually organic compounds that contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups, and are thus semi-soluble in both organic and aqueous solvents. Surfactants in cosmetics provide one or more of six functions:

• Detergents - for cleansing 

• Wetting agents - in perms 

• Foaming agents - for shampoos 

• Emulsifiers - in creams and lotions 

• Conditioning agents - in skin and hair-care products 

• Solubilizers - for perfumes and flavours.

The following brands are available in our warehouse.


• SLES Texapon n70 – (160kg per drum)