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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax is a solid, crystalline hydrocarbon mixture derived from the paraffin distillate portion of crude petroleum. Colourless or white, somewhat translucent, hard wax consisting of a mixture of solid straight-chain hydrocarbons ranging in melting point from about 48° to 66° C (120° to 150° F).

They are obtained from petroleum by de-waxing light lubricating oil. It is used in candles, wax paper, polishes, cosmetics, and electrical insulators. 

The following brands are available;

• Paraffin wax – Alex wax 600 (25kg ctn)

• Sasol Wax – 5603 (25kg Ctn)

• Sasol wax – 5803 (25kg Ctn)

• Sasol Wax – 6403 (25kg Ctn)