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Paraffin Oil

Paraffin oil is a mineral oil which comes in the form of white oil or alster oil, and is a by product of petroleum distillation. It is transparent, colourless, odourless and tasteless oil. It is mainly composed of heavier alkanes. It is not soluble in water and is known to have low reactivity.

Paraffin oil and has found a wide range of cosmetic uses in the modern times as indicated below.

• Apart from being used as a laxative, paraffin oil is used in the manufacturing of penicillin, and is an important ingredient in many medicated creams, ointments and balms.

• In the industrial sector, paraffin oil has found applications in the production of paints, dyes, pigments, wax, polythene, insecticides, etc. It is also widely used as a solvent and lubricant in the industrial sector.

• It is used in the preparation of a number of solid and liquid brilliantine, moisturizers, cold creams and lotions. It is also a popular ingredient in make-up products like, lipsticks, lip balms and foundation.

The following grades of paraffin oil are available in the warehouse;
• Alsteroil/Paraffin (175kg/drum)

• Alsteroil/Paraffin – White (200kg/Drum)

• Liquid paraffin oil (Gandhar) – 165kg/Bag)

• White oil (India)