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Cosmetic Additives

These are some additives usually introduced in small quantities to achieve some specific properties in cosmetics product.

These include;

They are cosmetic ingredients, used in gels and creams for sportsmen and athletes to treat injuries and pains. Rubefacients act on pains by promoting blood flow in the area where the cream is applied. The use of rubefacients in cosmetics at high levels can lead to irritation and reddening of the skin. 
We have the following in stock.
• Menthol crystal
• Methyl salicylate
• Camphor

These are cosmetic additives added to change or maintain the PH (acidity or basicity) of a system. They can be organic or mineral acids, bases, neutralizing agents or buffering agents. PH regulators are always indicated by their E – Numbers such as E260 (acetic acid). The commonly used PH regulators are Citric, Acetic and Lactic acids.
We have the following in stock.
• Citric acid

Conditioners are usually used for hair care products and have the primary function of making hair shiny and manageable.
We have the following.
• Polyquaterium – 6/7
• Dehyquant – A

Solvents are chemical substances that can dissolve, suspend or extract other materials usually without chemically changing either the solvent or the other materials. Solvent used in cosmetics perform the following functions.
• Deliver active ingredients designed to resist bacterial growth.
• Extends colour and ingredients designed to make them stay longer.
• Provide the right consistency in product during application to the body
• Helps cosmetic products to bring out colour in to our lives and put a sparkle in our body.
Solvents are used extremely to make of make eye shadows and liners in the form of pencils, powder, creams and gels. They are also used in eye makeup removers, lotions and creams.
We have the following in stock.
• Acetone
• Ethanol

Sunscreens are a class of compounds that protect the skin from ultra violet radiations. Wavelengths between 290nm and 400nm are particularly damaging to the skin. It is therefore the duty of sunscreens to absorb and reflect these damaging wavelengths.
The following are in stock.
• Escalol 557 manufactured by International Specialty Products.

Pearlizers are used in cosmetics to provide luxurious character to a cosmetic product. They achieve this by imparting lustre and shine. Pearlizers are used mainly in shampoos and shower gels.
We have in stock,
• Ethylene Glycol Di Stearate EGDS

Emollients are substances that soften and soothe the skin. They are used to correct dryness and scaling of the skin by preventing water loss from the skin. 
Emollients are key components in the manufacture of lip sticks, lotions and moisturizing creams that make the body look soft and smooth.
The following are in stock.
• Shea butter
• Lanoline wax

They are ingredients usually fatty materials used to generate foam due to the high surface activity they offer.
We have in stock,
• Dehyton KT – CAPB

These are ingredients used to control or extend the stability of foam thereby increasing the amount of time the foam will stay before they start to burst and the foam disappears.
The following are in stock.

These are cosmetic additives used to promote the staying together of a mixture of two immiscible substances to form an emulsion. Uniformity of ingredients in cosmetics is essential so that they spread evenly and severe their purpose. For instance, emulsifiers help to ensure the effective mixing of oil and water in cosmetics.
We have the following in stock.
• Emulsifying Wax (Lanette)
• Emulsifying Wax (common range)

Essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Oil is essential in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent or essence of the plant. Essential oils are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products for flavouring food and drinks and for scenting incense and household cleaning products. 
We the following essential oils in stock
• Pine Oil
• Eucalyptus oil
• Peppermint oil

Sodium Palmitates are products of saponification of palm oils. They constitute the very basic form of soap and are saponified using Sodium Hydroxide to form salt of the fatty acids. Soap manufacturers need only to add fragrances and other components to create their own brand of soap.
Sodium Palmitates find application in toilet soaps, laundry soaps, translucent soaps, high lather medicated soaps and other soaps. 
We have in stock,
• Sodium Palmitate N-0061 (25kg per bag)
• Sodium Palmitate N-2041 (25kg per bag)
• Sodium Palmitate – Palmosalt N-2051 (25kg per bag)

In order to serve our customers better, we also supply the following specialty products.
• Talc Powder
• Antisol (thickner)
• Different grades of fragrance
• Allantion (healing agent)
• Anti ageing agents
• Skin lightening agents
• Anti dandruff
• PVP (binder)
• TC Carbomer 380 (rheology modifier)
• Colorants and
• Nutrilan – L (hair vitamins)