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Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Walk the Talk
  • Give it 100%

Respect for Individual

  • Appropriate speech
  • Pay attention First seek to understand then be understood

Passion for Customer's Success

  • Empathy
  • Pay-it-Forward
  • Goal-directed
  • Seek to do the important, not only the urgent

About Us

The company, which started as the brainchild of a visionary man Mr. B. B. Garg, has since grown into a diversified entity with about five dynamic and fast growing competent organizations. Each organization has developed into the market leader or one of the leading players in its own field.

The history of Nagode as a family dates back to 1960, which started in East Africa with its textiles business and then moved to Nigeria in the 1970s and has been growing since.

NAGODE was incorporated as an organization in 1988 with its head office in Lagos. Over a period of time, the company has expanded its operations throughout Nigeria to effectively service its customers. Thus it is operating with regional offices in Onitsha and Kano. Now Nagode is devising its expansions plans to become a truly global player in its own field of activities.

The name NAGODE, which means THANK YOU, in itself signifies our committment to Nigeria and its contribution to the growth of Nigerian Economy.

Currently, beyond Nigeria, Nagode has its operation spread over to Cameroon, India, China and South Korea. However its international outlook notwithstanding, the Nagode Group of Companies has remained true to its African Origin.

Now, with its impressive turnover of USD 200 million per annum, the conglomerate is definitely one of the fastest growing business concerns in Nigeria.


Our Group Companies

Nagode Industries Limited

Nagode is the market leader in Nigeria for the supply of chemical raw materials to various industries. Our businesses comprises of imports, warehousing & distribution.

Eurochemco Ventures Limited

Eurochemco is the polymer resins division of the Group, distributing all the raw materials required by the Plastics Industry. It is one of the top few companies it its category in Nigeria.

Marathon Logistics Limited

Our logistics division, Marathon seeks to offer its customers a unique solution managing the complete importation value chain from sourcing, financing, clearing & forwarding, haulage, warehousing and just in time delivery at pre-agreed cost & delivery schedules.

Afriglobal Commodities DMCC

Based in Dubai this company is our Pan African distribution & trading organization focused on chemicals & allied products.


New Horizons

Nagode Group is constantly investing in the future, nurturing capacity development in significant areas.

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